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Professional Manufacturer

Shanghai Jinjun Electric Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of Nylon Cable Gland, Brass Cable Gland, Stainless Steel Cable Gland, Nylon Flexible Conduit, Nylon Conduit Fitting, Metal Flexible Conduit, Metal Conduit Fitting, Cable Ties, Hose Clamp, etc wiring accessories for cable protection and connection, who has more than 8 years experience in this area.

Convenient Transportation

Our company is located in Shanghai, China. Convenient Transportation has been a inherent advantage for the development of warehouse logistics and provide a broad space for company’s development.
70KM away from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station 60KM away from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 70KM away from Shanghai Yangshan Port
180KM away from Ningbo Beilun Port

Precision Processing Equipment

Precision Processing Equipment is the key to ensure the quality of products. We own advanced production equipment and automatic production lines, including High-Precision CNC Production Lines, Automatic Injection Molding Production Lines, Extruding Production Lines and Reeling Pipe Production Lines. The Precision Processing Equipment sourced from Japan and Taiwan ensure that the products meet high precision requirement, and satisfy different customers and market’s requirements at the same time. All this make our company be the leading position in the industry.

Independent Product Development Capability

Through organizing our own technical team and establishing complete mold processing center, our company own the capability of product development and special customized ability for clients. Based on improving the traditional products, we develop some new products constantly to keep the competitiveness in the market.

Diversified Product Lines

In order to adapt to market development, our company establish a diversified product ranges to serve the area of cable connection and protection and provide one stop shop service and comprehensive solution to customers from worldwide. It reduce a big cost of customer’s purchasing and increase the efficiency, which help our customers expand the market effectively.

Complete Certifications

Complete product certification reflect the quality of products, which is also the key to enter into high and middle level market. To provide the trustworthy products to our customers, our company applied for UL, CE certificates and ROHS, IP68 test reports by SGS successively. We can also meet your needs of any new certificates that apply to your market.

Higher Cost Performance

Focusing on the high and middle market, our quality is much better than mainland counterparts and evern exceed international counterparts from Germany and Taiwan. In the premise of ensuring the super quality, we seek creating higher cost performance of products and we are always ahead of others. Compared to international counterparts, our prices have absolute advantage, which creating more profit for customers and providing the finest cable connection and protection products and services worldwide.

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