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Selection Guide For The Size of Nylon Flexible Conduit-Release on 2013-12-9

According to the environment of use to buy the hose material, such as: hose used in a dynamic environment, Strong resistance to bending must be selected as the preferred product. Compare with PP and PE, the anti-bending performance, pressure, tension of PA material is very strong. Therefore, the material should be selected as the preferred PA.

If hose used in a static environment, to reduce costs, you can choose more moderate price material, such as PP and PE.

Retardant properties: PA and PP flame retardant hose hose, flame retardant V-0 grade halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant.

Color: black, special colors to be customized.

Hose type: closed type and open type. All hose inner diameter, and outer diameter in millimeters.

Selection Guide: Material + Flame retardant or not + Size + Color + Type

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