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Complete Nylon Conduit Fitting System For Nylon Flexible Conduit-Release on 2014-2-15

There is nylon flexible conduit, there is nylon conduit fitting. Same as the function of cable gland, nylon conduit fitting is also to protect cable. But for different situation, customers will choose different type nylon conduit fitting to connect nylon flexible conduit.

Now we developed three type nylon conduit fitting for nylon flexible conduit: Quick Connect Nylon Flexible Conduit Fitting, Watertight Nylon Flexible Conduit Fitting, Superb Anti-pullout Nylon Flexible Conduit Fitting. Every type has its superiority. Normally, the IP rating of quick connect type is IP54, so it is widely used in indoor. The customers do not have more requirements for waterproof. Its superiority is to quick connect the nylon flexible conduit.

Compare with quick connect and superb anti-pullout type, the IP rating of watertight type is the best, which can reach to IP68. Because there is a waterproof seal inside to connect the conduit. So it is widely used outdoor.

Although the IP rating of superb anti-pullout type can not compare with watertight type, but it is more convenient to install. And compare with watertight type, it is more economical and practical. Also to satisfy different customer’s and market’s needs.

Welcome to inquire about our nylon flexible conduit fitting. We will help you choose the appropriate size and provide the best solutions for you.

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