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Old Friend Visited Shanghai Jinjun Electric Once Again-Release on 2014-4-12

Today is a very important day for us. Because our old friend Harish visited our company. Actually, we seems not like business partner, but more like friends. We have been cooperated 2 years. After 2 years cooperation, Harish have been our one of our important distributors in India.

The first time that we met was in The China Export Canton Fair 2012. It was a sunny and bright afternoon. When we left the fair for lunch, we found Harish, who was also leaving the fair and taking many catalogs. We found that the products in the catalogs were the same as our products, such as flexible conduit, conduit fitting, cable gland and cable tie. So we took the initiative to contact him. After a short introduction, we suggested why did not have lunch together. During the dinner, we talked more about our company and our products. After lunch, we invited him to our stand to show our products for him. He was surprised at our quality and design. Then we talked more about the future cooperation. 1 months later, he visited our factory.

Just like last time, we took him to our production workshop to introduce the changes that happened in these 2 years. Then he showed some new products that were hot sale in India market. We talked more about the future cooperation.

We provide our best support and service to Harish. Hope our business will have a better future. And give our best wishes to our friendship.

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