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Selection Guide For The Size of Nylon Flexible Conduit Fitting-Release on 2014-5-25

With more requirements for cable protection and connection, nylon conduit fitting plays a very important role in this area. In the real situation of installing, we must choose the appropriate size.

In common, the two side of the nylon conduit fitting will be both connected. One side is to connect nylon flexible conduit. So you need to make sure the size of nylon flexible conduit. We often use AD-Outer diameter of conduit to represent the size of conduit, such as AD10.0, AD13.0. There is waterproof seal or fixed claw in this side to connect nylon flexible conduit.

The other side is to connect cabinet. There is a hole in the cabinet. So you need to make sure the diameter of the hole and thread type. The thread type has Metric, PG, G, PF and NPT thread. Then compare with the outer diameter and thread type of nylon conduit fitting to choose the appropriate size, such as M12, PG13.5.

If you have any problems about choosing the size and type, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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