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Introduction of A Type and B Type Nylon Cable Gland-Release on 2014-8-12

Over the few decades in research and development, we developed two series of super nylon cable gland: A type and B type.

A type is an Europe traditional design and we refined it by a whole new hooked claw to restrain sealing insert not to be took of by pull-out force and the insert with an sphere rim effect when tightened up can prevent cable abrasion from bending to achieve a another new design.

B type was developed by ourselves, through a unique new design: the robust claw for strongest clamping strength and the sealing insert with rim part for resistant to be took off by strong pull-out force and preventing cable abrasion from bending which are worked closely to achieve many outstanding cord-grip features.

Either A type or B type nylon cable gland, both can reach the highest strain relief and watertight performance and have gained great reputation among customers worldwide. Both the performance of A type and B type in water protection is scored as 100. A type is recommended for water protection deeper than 50m depths. B type is recommended to use water protection within 50m depths and a very high clamping strength is required.

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